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Refugees Welcome by Bruce LaBruce (short film) / Добро пожаловать, беженцы! (Jesse Charif, Von Rohac) [2017 г., HDRip]

Описаниеhttp://i100.fastpic.ru/big/2018/0303/ba/5730e996385fe73f8d46f041b247c2ba.jpgГод производства: 2017 г.
Страна: Евросоюз / EU
Жанр: Gay Art, Bareback, Oral, Rimming, Foot Fetish, Interracial, Tattoos, Plot Based
Продолжительность: 00:22:02

Описание: Inspired by the deeply moving and brave story of a gay Syrian refugee arriving in Germany, Erika passed the confession on to the prolific, fantastic and controversial director Bruce LaBruce, to direct XC´s first gay film. A Syrian refugee is living in Germany when he stumbles across a poetry reading. Not understanding each other´s language, they nevertheless share a moment of recognition, of desire, from across the room. Too shy to approach any further, the young man walks away. But that won´t be the last time they meet...Brutal, gentle, sexy, romantic and earth-shatteringly moving, this film is an exploration of how our differences can become our similarities; how in a world being turned upside down, love and desire are still the strongest forces of all.

Доп. информация: Starring Jesse Charif and Von Rohac, many others present

Качество видео: HDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 25fps 3001kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 150kbps

Хэш релиза78bbe5d52e64003380cd80ec394a591509ddec49
Статус раздачи  Проверено
ТипГей-порно (Видео HD)
Размер497.55 MB (521,716,019 байт)
Добавлен2018-03-02 20:30:54
Скачан574 раз
В раздаче0 раздающих, 0 качающих = 0 пиров
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